Hello and welcome to Going Bush. This is where you will find everything you need to know about the humble (but destructive) New Zealand possum. From the best possum hunting methods, to sharing photos and stories about your possum experiences, you can have your say on hot topics and even compare possum recipes. And if you're interested, how you can make some extra cash on the side .

Introducing Going Bush

At the beginning when I decided to study possums I was frustrated about looking for information that would give me some practical answers about possuming in New Zealand

So the decision to design a website around the issues and questions I faced when starting out was easy, and hopefully my experiences will help you avoid the same problems I encountered.

Like many other kids across the country, possum hunting has been a part of my life growing up in rural New Zealand. As an adult, the possum is still a strong topic of commercial and environmental discussion and so I hope that this website is a useful source of information to those seeking it and/or a good chance to exchange tips and stories with my fellow hunters.

Advice for beginners

Hunting for POSSUM

Possum hunting can be an easy entry level hunters sport. Get in touch with your local hunting club to find out about local spots and hunting safety.

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